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5 Free Things You Can Do In Kuta

Bali Sea Turtle Society (BSTS)
Photo by @jakobmanurung

Who doesn’t like free holidays? In Kuta, you can still get all the fun without limits. Bali acts as a tourist paradise that offers a variety of low-priced entertainment, can reduce a little money on your trip. So, prepare your backpack and share your discoveries to interesting places without bothering to think of additional costs. A vacation to Bali without spending more money by choosing 5 free things to do in Kuta.

Learn Many Things about Sea Turtles in Kuta

Bali has two turtle conservation sites that are free to visit, one of which is the Bali Sea Turtle Society (BSTS), Kuta. This conservation center has large nurseries of giant turtles with groups of eggs on a stretch of sand. You can get closer to cute turtles or get them out into the sea. 

Get To Know the Unique Balinese Tradition

Maybe for those of you on vacation to the cemetery, it sounds strange. But on Bali, you can see the unique rituals of the funeral ceremony. Starting with the villagers wearing traditional clothes entering the temple. They were busy passing by while carrying handicrafts and fruits that towered above their heads. Security in Bali was held with a series of lively events. You can even hang out with local residents and learn many things about village rituals.

Communal Hall, an Alternative Place to Learn Balinese Culture

Did you know if every village in Bali has a special meeting hall? Where the youth practice various kinds of traditional dances, performing arts to the gamelan orchestra. If you want to see their activities, come to villages not far from the city center. Choose between March which coincides with the preparation of the Saka New Year where you can watch the gigantic Ogoh-Ogoh sculpture show.

Visiting the “Ghost Town” Gives You a Scary Mysterious Experience

If you want to do unusual activities, you can choose a ghost city tour as an alternative destination. A thrilling experience that will make the heart beat fast. Try visiting some popular spots as a place of courage testing such as amusement parks in the north of Sanur Beach or a collection of “lost planes.” Interested in enjoying this excitement? Book your holiday ticket in Wandernesia now!

Welcome the Unique Festival in Bali

Besides being able to watch the Bali Kuta Theater, you can also see an interesting annual festival, one of which is the Bali Arts Festival. A great opportunity for you to witness Balinese art and culture directly. Around June to August, you can watch the Bali Kite Festival. As for other events, there is the Sanur Village Festival held by the Sanur Community with free admission.